Modifications - Clutch



Beyond 450-500 HP mark the stock clutch becomes inadequate to withstand the rigors imposed by the additional horsepower.  Many have had excellent results with the stock clutch but it will eventually fail.  When choosing a clutch it is critical to determine how it will be used and how willing ou are to sacrifice other driveline components.  The clutch should be the weakest link the the driveline.  If it is not the transmission, differential or trasnfer case may suffer failure if a clucth that will not break loose is used.  This primarily applies to high horsepower applications.

Most manufacturers have suiatble replacements for cars with moderate horsepower increases.  Clutches for high power output are a little more difficult to find and experiences vary.


RPS Turbo Clutch RPS Turbo Clutch


ClutchMasters HDTZ Clutch Masters HDTZ




CenterForce DF Centerforce Dual Friction

OS Geiken



Some success has been reported with hybrid and custom solutions.  For instance, the generally well regarded RPS pressure plate may be combined with other friction plates (stock for instance) or custom friction plates (full face metal or ceramic).


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