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Help, the air vents on the top of my dash by the windshield have cracked and warped!

Relax, this is probably the most common problem of the 3/S, and it's not a big deal. It won't affect car or air system operation. It's pretty much impossible to replace the vents without removing the entire dash assembly, which is effort-prohibitive. The best thing to do is to superglue the vents back down as best as you can and then jam something between the vent and the windshield as it dries to keep it flush. Done properly, you'll never notice that it was ever cracked.

My black glass panels next to the side windows are cracking and peeling. What can I do?

This is fairly common among 3/S owners. Unfortunately, we haven't found anything to do to either prevent or fix this problem other than keeping the car out of sunlight when parked. The dealer will replace them under warranty. If you're out of warranty, it will cost you somewhere on the order of $150 per panel for replacement parts.

There appears to be some sort of greasy film on the inside of my windows. I clean it, but it comes back. What do I do?

This again is very common in the 3/S. There have been many guesses as to what this film is, but it appears that it is some sort of outgassing from the plastic/vinyl dash and other parts inside the car. Regardless of the cleaning agent used to remove this film, over time it seems to come back. Keeping your car covered or in the shade when parked will slow the outgassing and preserve your interior longer anyways. As a caution, be VERY careful in using Armor All or any other sort of greasy substance on your dash and vinyl/plastic interior parts, as this can make the problem a lot worse. If you find any sort of cleaning agent such as a window cleaner that you think prevents this film from returning to the windows, let us know.

My driver's side seatbelt doesn't seem to want to retract. What can I do?

This is also a very common problem that the dealer doesn't appear to be able to fix. People have been manually feeding the seatbelt back into the guide. Basically, the problem has been traced down to the seatbelt guide towards the top of the door. The guide seems to rub on the seatbelt. This can be fixed with the following instruction:

What's this light tapping that seems to be coming from my engine? It's not a knock or a thunk, but just a regular ticking with engine RPM?

Again, this is very common, as is typically blamed on the lifters in the car. Although some people have been able to have the dealer replace them under warranty, most dealerships will claim that this is normal operation for the 3/S. For the most part, it doesn't appear to affect the engine at all. Many people have tried various methods to get rid of this "lifter tick". Here are a few that some people swear to work:
1. Always use the Mitsubishi OEM oil filter, even though it costs more.

Every time I open the trunk, my rear hatch cover flies off and bonks me in the nose. Is there any way to hold it down better?

YES! There is a TSB by Mitsu out on this problem, and a documented fix. It involves buying new clips that replace the existing ones and hold the cover in better. For 4 minutes of work and $1.50 in parts, it's worth it.

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