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Are you trying to tell me that the Dodge Stealth is made by Mitsubishi?

Yup. Ever notice how when you open up the hood, there's a Mitsubishi symbol even right on the engine head. That's your first clue. 3000GT and Stealth parts are for the most part interchangeable. If you took away the exterior styling, there is NO difference between the 3000GT and Stealth for each year and similar models.

With only a 3.0 Liter V-6 engine, how does the 3/S put out more horsepower than even cars powered by 5.0 Liter engines such as the Ford Mustang Cobra?

The VR-4 and R/T TT models factory stock are powered by two turbochargers, operating in parallel, that significantly increase the amount of air that flows into the engine, which can mix with more fuel. Superchargers have the same concept of using more air.

Why two turbochargers for the 3/S? Doesn't that make it more complex?

The larger a turbocharger is, the more air it can pump into the engine, and the more power the car can produce. However, since the turbocharger is powered by exhaust gasses and rotates at a very, very quick rate, a larger turbocharger also takes more time to spin up to speed. This is known as "turbo lag". Two smaller turbochargers can keep lag time to a minimum and provide even more boost pressure combined than one large turbocharger.

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